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This forum is for Asian Wives and their extramarital partners to exchange stories, ideas, fantasies and pictures. Contributions from cuckolded Asian husbands are also welcome. Let us know what you would like to see here. If you are an Asian wife, the lover of an Asian wife, or a cuckolded husband of an Asian wife with an experience or fantasy to relate, then post away. Contributions from others interested in the subject of Asian women fooling around outside of marriage are also welcome. What we are interested to hear of is what drives your infdelity. Is it lack of attention from your husband, the size of his equipment, or simply that you are locked into a marriage from which you need to escape once in a while. Please stay, browse around and share your thoughts. Pictures / mpegs also welcome. Howard
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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Japanese Legs on Jul 20, 4:54 PM
Long Nipples or Small ones - which do you like? on Oct 15, 7:03 PM
Dimpled ButtBubba Ho-Tep on Sep 18, 6:10 PM
   dimpled butt on Nov 14, 4:50 AM
Asian Wives Looking for HUGE penis to please them, here I am on Oct 11, 11:20 PM
Chinese Woman in Detroit on Sep 21, 6:58 PM
Let's Meet in Vancouver Area on Jul 3, 11:46 AM
Finally!!!!The Man on Aug 29, 9:22 AM
ConfessionMei Mei on Aug 25, 2:08 PM
   wowTom on Aug 27, 2:49 AM
      Thanks!Mei Mei on Aug 27, 12:56 PM
         Great going, Mei Mei on Sep 1, 6:27 AM
            AdviceMei Mei on Sep 7, 2:58 PM
girl to girl fun on Aug 21, 12:01 PM
   Wish I was thereTina on Aug 23, 10:02 AM
      Hi back at you on Aug 23, 2:59 PM
         Nice!Tina on Aug 23, 4:08 PM
            White girlMakiko on Aug 29, 8:34 AM
               mmmmmmTina on Sep 9, 2:20 PM
   Ahh, the Philippines! on Sep 1, 6:30 AM
hornyjoe blow on Jul 22, 1:43 PM
Wifekycoupleseeking on Jul 19, 9:28 AM on Jun 2, 2:13 PM
BlackdemonDukeyball on May 23, 1:28 PM
I'm looking for this story for all to enjoyDukeyball on May 23, 1:14 PM
Anyone in BANGKOK? on May 19, 11:24 AM
Black Coercion by JoethebowBubba Ho-Tep on May 5, 3:22 PM
military man needs help!!! on Jan 8, 1:26 AM
Looking for an Asian princess! ! ! on Oct 5, 2:20 AM
seeking marriage on Aug 1, 11:11 PM
   seeking marriage on Aug 21, 3:19 PM
I love those Japanese made videos on Jun 4, 5:20 PM
   Cuti-pie creame pieDukeyball on May 23, 1:26 PM
Asian Interracial on Jun 4, 5:09 PM
   Can't find itDukeyball on May 23, 1:24 PM
Well Hung and Fit in NYC on May 1, 11:58 AM
Caucasian looking for casual sex KL & Jakarta on Jan 13, 9:37 AM
   Re: Caucasian looking for casual sex KL & Jakartamurice on Sep 6, 7:29 AM
   Re: Caucasian looking for casual sex KL & Jakarta on Sep 6, 7:30 AM
   Re: Caucasian looking for casual sex KL & Jakarta on Sep 6, 7:30 AM
   Re: Caucasian looking for casual sex KL & JakartaAnonymous on Sep 17, 4:03 AM
UntitledAnonymous on Nov 6, 5:27 PM
This group is deader than me.Bubba Ho-Tep on May 26, 6:09 PM
Slippery Slope on May 26, 6:02 PM
My Asian GF never shaves her long, straight pubes.Bubba Ho-Tep on Jul 31, 5:16 PM
Any wild thoughts about your wife? on Jan 28, 10:22 PM
   Re: Any wild thoughts about your wife? on Jul 28, 9:33 AM
   Re: Any wild thoughts about your wife? on Jul 28, 9:34 AM
      oral on Jul 22, 10:47 AM
         Re: oral on Aug 9, 5:09 AM
      Re: Any wild thoughts about your wife? on Aug 9, 5:12 AM
   like to join on Jul 25, 10:10 PM
   SLAVE on Sep 30, 5:27 AM
Real Asian Wife Stories on Apr 24, 6:21 PM
any sg ladies need a sun friend? on Jan 24, 9:37 PM
check this one out !howard on Nov 12, 7:14 AM
Brutal HonestyAnon9 on Sep 4, 2:23 PM
   re: Brutal HonestyJulia on Sep 15, 10:42 AM
JoanneDavid on Jul 25, 12:11 PM
LeroyZheng Mei Ling on Jul 25, 11:55 AM
Caucasian Well-Endowed male in S'pore on Jul 25, 2:51 AM
NorikoRick on Jul 21, 12:43 PM
My Story - by CarolinaCarolina on Jul 20, 10:08 AM
My Asian WifeJoseph on Jul 18, 10:52 PM
A Taste of Thailand on Jul 8, 7:13 AM
   Untitled on Jul 11, 2:47 AM
I am new hereZoe on Jul 1, 10:46 PM
   we are all new herecute guy on Jul 20, 12:33 AM
c sd on May 19, 2:21 PM
more adventures on Apr 3, 9:27 AM
   Please write on Apr 4, 2:30 AM
   Please WriteBig 9 on Apr 4, 6:16 AM
   You is fine Theresa on Apr 23, 3:55 AM
   Will love to meet both of you..;) on Jul 25, 2:57 AM
      UntitledAnonymous on Jul 25, 11:56 AM
   its all about you theresa on Nov 30, 2:25 AM
UntitledCharlie on Mar 21, 1:48 PM
Asian on Mar 4, 7:02 AM
Anybody in Singapore? on Feb 23, 10:39 AM
   Untitled on Jul 11, 2:55 AM
Looking for asian women in San Diego to play with... on Feb 20, 5:19 PM
In search of an Asian lady who craves to have her pussy licked--for hours.... on Feb 8, 8:25 AM
Seeking Asian Femail/Couple on Feb 5, 3:28 AM
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