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May 24 2017 at 7:53 PM
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Tomster  (Login quark2222)

Response to LOL,...I think about three posts. (eom)

Whoo Hoo! I count 15 respondents. We seem to be on a roll now. All we need is a controversial post, and I think we will be back on top!


Innie vs outie
Best tent
Dope smokers that you run into
Trenching tents
Leaving trace
Foil burning 101
How far do you really need to bury fish guts from your campsite?
Quetico - How far do you need to go from your campsite to bury your business?
Quetico - Plastic vs metal shovel for doing your business?
Hang vs bear barrel?
Do you really need to go all of the way to the latrine to pee?
Do cell phones work on Adams Lake?
Straight shaft vs bent shaft?
Is it OK to target shoot a .357 magnum from my campsite? If not, how about a .22?
Best water filter, or dip from the lake?
Best liquor to bring?
Best mixer to bring?
Should I bring my frickin' dog with me?
Will the Chicago Bears win the Superbowl this year?
This is why I will only go to the "Q" from now on . . .
What are the best powdered eggs?
How long will thawed chicken last?
Hammock vs tent?
Does permethrin really work? Or, should I just use DEET to shower with?

"Here is my 60 day survival trip where I went through hell, but is was pretty cool, and it really was a great story with pix." Editor's note: These are really good for the most part.

Where did Nibi, Bogwalker and the old timers go? Kind of seems like the Carlos Castenada (Don Juan) characters. They just disappeared as they advanced to a higher level.

And the list goes on . . .


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Updated February 8, 2017

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