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Bruce Lee's drug use

February 19 2004 at 10:46 AM
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Did bruce use drugs when he thought up his art of JKD?

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Bruce lee and the use of narcotics

November 25 2004, 3:04 AM 

ok this one no one has answered. I don't want to ofend any one, especialy sijo Bruce lee. it is irelevent weather he used recreational drugs. he was a way ahead of his time and thats a fact. now acording to the book by Alex Ben Block. when the autopsy was performed it was said they found canabis (marijuana)in his sistem. there are a few pictures of him where he obviously looks likes he smoked something. if we recall he came to USA to study in collage during the 1960s, hippy era, every thing was peace love, sex, drugs and rock and roll. during the green hornet I can imagine the hollywood party scene must have had some influence into pot smoking and who knows what else? it is also reported that grand master yip man had been an opium user. he died of throat cancer. weather this is true or not, they were both outstanding MA masters.


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Re: Bruce Lee's drug use

November 25 2004, 6:56 AM 

yeah, theyre all just humans, not saints, alot of other great kung-fu masters were alcoholics, etc

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Re: Bruce Lee's drug use

November 25 2004, 10:27 AM 

I thought I read somewhere that Bruce Lee ate baked goods with pot in it, Pot Brownies or Cookies or somthing.

Persoanly, I don't see anything wrong about pot use. If a person becomes dependent on weed and can't function with out it, then they have a problem. I think alchol is much more dangerous then pot. You can drink yourself to death, you can't drive, you can be addicted to it (like crack) and somtimes alchol makes people violent and not thinking clearly. All pot does is make you feel relaxed. Smoking bud would probally cause cancer in your lungs, from all the tar and gunk found in pot smoke, eatting it seems like a better alternative.

I'm not saying for peope to go out and smoke some bud, but its not as extreme as most drugs out there.

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(Login jakep)

Re: Bruce Lee's drug use

November 25 2004, 11:55 AM 

There's a lot more negative aspect to weed than you might think.

The whole 'weed vs alchohol' thing is just misguided;

They are different drugs, with diffirent effects etc, and while alchohol is the obvious 'badboy', weed, when used to any degree of regularity, WILL mess with your head.

I speak from too much experience!!!

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Re: Bruce Lee's drug use

November 25 2004, 11:18 PM 

"weed, when used to any degree of regularity, WILL mess with your head."

How do you think it messes with your head?

I smoke bud once in awhile, if a friend has some. I know that I don't smoke it much, so I know not to smoke so much that I'm ripped out of my mind. A couple tokes and I'm good to go. I don't think it has "messed" with my mind, it may have messed with my lungs. 1 joint has about as much tar as a whole pack of ciggerettes! thats horrible, just terrible.

A lot of famous people smoke bud... Actors, Doctors, Counsellers, Scientists, Ex Presidents, Painters, Martial Artists (Bruce Lee)... you name it. I'm not saying it's right to smoke bud, just saying that these folks that have "messed" up thier minds have accomplished a lot of great things for themselves and thier community.

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(Login jakep)

Let me be more specufic.......

November 27 2004, 10:36 AM 

Smoking to any degree of regularity, (anywhere from a couple of times a week onward), has an effect on your short term memory, and energy levels.
You probably already know this, but what many people don't reallise is that it can leave you with a mental sluggishness, even for years after you have quit, that is extremely frustrating if you require high concentration in your life/work.

Imagine that what you see through your eyes, right now, is a film, a movie.
Now, the effect I am describing is equal to losing a few frames per second on the quality of that movie;
For example, when you look from left to right, you lose all that is in-between the exact points that you are targeting, which makes it very hard to concentrait, and commit things to memory.
The fact that you brain is producing an unbalanced ammount of 'happy chemicals' will upset the chemical balance or your brain, and can lead to depression, agin when used regularly.

I'm not even going to take into account the moral reasons why its good or bad, those are for you to agree/dis-agree with yourself, but take it from me;

I come from a long line of hippies, I have known people on most levels of drug taking/drug abuse, and I have indeed been one of them for several years.
The effects of canabis can be subtle, and long term, and I am still finding it difficult to concentrait etc after about a year of quitting.

Wurd up

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Re: Bruce Lee's drug use

November 27 2004, 11:06 PM 

What were we talking about, oh yea...

I think you may be right about the short term memory thing.

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