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Gold Monkey Custom Action Figures

July 17 2008 at 2:04 PM
Dave  (Login Kambei)
from IP address

TOTGM is a series that I remember very fondly, in fact I recently bought a set of episodes off ebay. It is as good as I remember.

One hobby I have is making custom action figures. I was looking at a spare Indiana Jones figure I had and wondering what to do with it. I figured with just a little bit of modification, the jacket would turn quite nicely into the A2 style. A full repaint later, I printed off a blood chit on inkjet treated silk and glued it onto the back of the jacket. Jack is a repainted Schleich pvc figurine with an eyepatch added

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(Login rugar77)

Re: Gold Monkey Custom Action Figures

July 25 2008, 11:32 AM 

BRILLIANT! wheres the goose?

(Login Kambei)

Revised pics

July 26 2008, 7:08 AM 


I am thinking about getting the Playmobil seaplane and repainting it. It would be as close to a 1:18 scale Grumman Goose as is possible at the moment. There are about 3 different p-40 planes available in that scale, but no seaplanes. The thing would be a monster anyway.

Mea Culpa!

Been watching a few of the episodes again. Noticed that I got the colour of the jacket completely wrong. I wasn't really satisfied with the cap either. Sanded it down until it looked right.

Left the original pics up as a comparison.

(no login)

More figures

July 27 2008, 2:16 PM 

Working on some more Gold Monkey figures. Should have 2 more finished in teh next couple of days.

(Login Kambei)

More Monkey Madness

July 28 2008, 12:21 PM 

Jake Cutter has been standing on the desk for a week now, looking very lonely. So I decided I had to do some more Gold Monkey figures. Two finished, working on another one.

Sarah White:

Head: Comic Pack Mara Jade
Figure: Marion Ravenwood, modified
Arms: 25th GI Joe Lady Jaye

The Rev. Willie Tenboom:

Time for Blessing!

Both heads: Harry potter
Hat: KOTCS Indiana Jones
Figure: Harry Potter
Coat: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby
Bible: painted cast of Henry Jones' Grail Diary
Spare Hand: Microlady

Sent off for some more figures to complete the set of main characters. Might also do one of Gushie.

(Login rugar77)

Re: Gold Monkey Custom Action Figures

July 31 2008, 11:54 AM 

HA! "time for bleesing" i love it. dont forget corky.

(no login)

Bon Chance Louie

August 1 2008, 2:45 PM 

Currently working on Corky and Todo. Waiting for the figure to use for Princess Koji.

But for now:

After I finished Willie, I knew how I was going to make Bon Chance Louie. Exactly the same way. Well, almost.

Head: Star Wars 30th Anniversay Rebel Honour Guard with sculpted moustache
Body: Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter
Waistcoat: Sculpted
Coat: Order of the Phoenix Sirius Black
Parrot: GI Joe 25th Anniversary Shipwreck

(Login rugar77)

Re: Gold Monkey Custom Action Figures

August 6 2008, 10:44 PM 

"jake, you finally learned how to fight like a frenchman" outstanding work man.

(no login)

Action Figures

August 10 2008, 8:10 AM 

Those action figures look great. I've actually been working on a TOTGM computer game for a while. It's slow going since I have to struggle to come up with art work and sub-plots, and get the game play jusr right. Seeing your work, may just motivate me to get back to working on it.


christopher tupa
(no login)

Custom figures

September 29 2009, 9:02 AM 

Wow! these figures are awesome! Great job! Wish I could get these in the stores!!!

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