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TOTGM...I am using it in my current aerial combat game

September 12 2008 at 10:05 PM
Grant S  (no login)
from IP address


Well, not really important

But I am a HUGE fan of the FASA boardgame (And novels, and PC game...etc.) Crimson Skies, an alternate 1930's america where the US has broken into 20 differant nations, and the entire world is using cargo planes and zeppelins instead of ships and trains, and fighters and combat zeppelins instead of battleships and soldiers.

Well after seeing TOTGM....I couldn't help but see small comparances between the two!!!!

So, I am making a location (Marivellas Island chain), adding the "Key characters" and a few changes.

The biggest change I have made:

Boragora is now called "Suzette" (For the Talespin cartoon which I had to include...being a semi-direct ripoff of TOTGM).

"Suzette" is now neutral, no nation or single person owns it.

I included two "Talespin" characters (Only 1 based on Suzette).

Akela Khan (Based off of Shere Khan) and Don Karnage.

Not EXACTLY Tales of the Gold Monkey :D But I didn't want it exactly the same!!!

In case you're curious (if not, don't bother )The link to my Crimson Skies website is below, I don't have the TOTGM stuff uploaded yet, but I am working on it, Also below, on the navbar is a link to the Crimson Skies forum if you are wondering about the game :D


See you for now!!! (When I get the TOTGM stuff uploaded I will post the links).

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Evan C. Wright
(no login)

TOTGM Video Game

November 30 2008, 8:48 PM 

Hi Grant,

I've actually been working on a TOTGM based video game for the last year and a half. It's has elements of a point-and-click type adventure game as well as the spacer-trader genre. Would you mind test-driving it when I have it ready, and provide some feedback? I can't promise I'll have it wrapped up soon, but I'd like to get some input before call it done.


(no login)

Re: TOTGM...I am using it in my current aerial combat game

December 18 2008, 6:30 PM 

Hey Evan!!

Sorry for not replying sooner wink.gif Got busy and....well, I just got back. You know how that is.

It sounds GREAT. A TOTGM game (of ANY type) would be awesome. Is it a custom-built game, or does it use something else as a platform?

First: Yeah, I'd love to help out, either beta'ing, research, promotion,etc,etc. All I can say I can't do is any type of programming or that stuff happy.gif

Second: For the details: Please drop in at www.setbb.com/crimsonskies

I am Grant on that forum (And the administrator. I ask that because I hate just giving out my email here (In the open), and I am sure the guys over there would be interested to hear it (Still trying to get them to buy the TOTGM DVD's, But they are interested in stuff like this).

I look forward to seeing you there :D

Evan C. Wright
(no login)


December 23 2008, 11:20 AM 

I wrote it totally from scratch in C++, so it doesn't use anything else as an engine. The goal of the game is to get Jack's eye back before war breaks out. To do that you need to accumulate cash by going on missions. If you get shot down but survive or get captured, you lose money and time. Alternately, you can get shot down and die, or shot by Japanese patrols at which point the game ends. If you go too far into debt, Gushie will repo the Goose. I've tried to work in lots of missions based on episodes from the series, and have based the game geography on the map that's on this website. I've added extra islands to increase the game area, though. Some of the art is from clips on the episode guide on this site, so I made myself, or found on the Internet.

I signed up for the Crimson Skies forum. I'll look for you there, and try to find a way to get you a copy of what I have so far.

See you on the forum.


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Re: TOTGM...I am using it in my current aerial combat game

December 30 2008, 5:42 PM 

Grant S
(no login)

Re: TOTGM...I am using it in my current aerial combat game

February 8 2009, 5:58 PM 

I got a section up on a member of the Tales of the Gold Moneky wink.gif

None other than the dragon lady herself

I have sent a couple of PM's to Misses gold monkey wink.gif (No offence meant) and haven't gotten a reply yet.

But if I get her permision I'll use a actual photo of Koji and put it into the page.

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