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Fan productions?

May 8 2009 at 6:16 AM
Kirok of L'Stok  (Login Kirok_of_Lstok)
from IP address

Whilst away on holidays last week my wife got a phone call from my son, who is watching through my old collection of "Tales of The Gold Monkey" VHS DVDs, NOT to tell me that he had left one in the machine and accidentally taped over the last ten minutes of one of the episodes! He's a good lad (usually!) so I haven't gone off at him about it, besides I might still have them on the original Beta tapes if our old BetaMax still works!

I dabble in fan productions, mostly fan fiction, zines, audio books and audio dramas - has anyone thought of doing an audio drama based on Tales of the Gold Monkey or better still a fan film?


Kirok of L'Stok

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May 18 2009, 8:24 AM 

First; I would recomend getting the DVD set from the websites store wink.gif Nice little set of DVDs at a good price.

Second: I have thought of it. I also wanted to make a fan-film for Crimson Skies (See the other thread).

I guess I was sorta thinking that if I ever could get together enough Crimson Skies players to do it, I would try and get the Gold-Monkeyers and maybe some Indiana Jones fans and try to get a setting in the South Pacific happy.gif

Mainly Crimson Skies with a huge throwback to Gold Monkey.

Kirok Of L'Stok
(Login Kirok_of_Lstok)


May 18 2009, 9:29 AM 

When you say a fan film, you mean a machinima based on the game as Borg War was based on Elite Force II? I don't know the game much myself but machinima are a doable project if you have some game skills, knowledge about video files and a good story.

If the game doesn't render people very well another option could be to use the game for the scenery, backgrounds, aerial cgi and mix it with some live film shot against greenscreen.

You're looking at a major investment of time and resources with live filming though, not impossible but a major commitment. That's why I stick to audio drama - no scenery, costumes, video equipment and your cast can record their lines in the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world! (ok, Machinima has many of these advantages as well)

An audio drama of TOTGM has one major seling point over other shows - its great music! Not only does it have a distinctive theme, it has stings for different moods and people. You'd just need Voice Actors who could carry off the parts of the main players.

Have you got a URL that would tell me a bit more about the game Crimson Skies?



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Re: Fan productions?

November 4 2009, 8:47 PM 

Some years ago, out of boredom, I started working on a "mini-series" that would finish out the Gold Monkey story. It began in 1953 and, through the eyes of a (now married and settled-down) Jake and Sarah--who were paying a return visit with their kids (and Corky) to Boragora--it looked back at the characters' experiences through World War II.

I had about fifty-plus pages written last I looked at it...I know I still have a copy around here somewhere.

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Re: Fan productions?

November 6 2009, 11:50 AM 

I would love to read the mini-series that you have written happy.gif

Igor de L'Stok
(Login Kirok_of_Lstok)

Pulp Fanzine taking submissions

November 28 2009, 8:12 AM 

I'm in the process of producing an audio drama for Crimson Skies, a fictional universe that has been used for a number of successful games over the past ten years. You might remember that Grant, who has posted on here previously, has written up a 'fanon' addition to the game based on characters and locations from Tales of the Gold Monkey. You can see the treatment for the mini-series HERE...

In concert with the release of the audio drama, I am also going to be putting together a number of "pulp" editions of my fanzine "Acrux", previous issues of which can be found on Issuu...

I'm looking for fan-produced fiction, art and non-fiction that is Pulp oriented and I'm specifically targeting Tales of the Gold Monkey because (a)its the right era, (b)it has a flying theme and (c) I like it! I'll be publishing it as a free pdf download, viewable on Issuu, and format it as an A5 / folio US Letter digest.

Feel free to respond here or to my email



Kirok of L'Stok
(Login Kirok_of_Lstok)

Fan Film CGI

December 11 2009, 3:44 PM 

If anyone were to want to do a Tales of The Gold Monkey fan film, the biggest challenge would be to get the flying scenes because The Goose is as much a character in the series as some of the actors!

Unless you have a couple of million spare, the best option would be to do them virtually and in this respect we are lucky that there is a new version of the Grumman Goose available on XPlane with Cutters Goose colours! Checkout the main page for it and the gallery.

Still no takers on fan fiction/fan art submissions for Acrux?



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