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Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

July 16 2009 at 2:38 PM
Patricia (a.k.a. Monkey Woman)  (Login goldmonkey)
from IP address

Finally some good news regarding Tales of the Gold Monkey on DVD. I spoke to Richard Walker of Fabulous Films today. His company has purchased the DVD rights for the UK and Australia (Regions 2 and 4). He hopes to have a 6 disc set (the complete series and to be determined extras) available before Christmas 2009.

Regarding the rumors about problems with the masters and Universal refusing to sell the rights to any company that would not pay for remastering, he knew nothing about that. He hasn't seen the masters and hopes to receive them next week, but he assumes they are fine as no one at Universal has told him otherwise. The major issue seems to be music clearances. About 2/3 of the episodes still need clearances for the incidental background music playing in the Monkey Bar and other places. The rights have been secured from the music publishers, but the performers, whose clearance is also needed, aren't listed anywhere. Mr. Walker will be doing some research into this matter, but if all else fails, he plans to have the music rerecorded. If Universal wanted to go ahead with a US DVD release, they could get the music clearances through Fabulous Films.

I hope to hear back from Mr. Walker once he receives the masters and any other material from Universal. If the masters are in decent shape and since the music issue would have been a relatively easy fix for Universal, then what's their problem with producing or selling the license for a Region 1 set? Brian Ward from Shout! Factory posted an interesting comment about 6 months ago in reply to a request that Shout! put out a Tales of the Gold Monkey DVD set, "Believe me, we've tried and tried again. There is no real likelihood of Tales of the Gold Monkey hitting DVD for reasons I'm not really at liberty to go into." I may be reading more into it than was intended, but that sounds like it's more of a legal issue than a technical one.

Oh well, I've been thinking about buying a multiregion DVD player anyway. happy.gif

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Re: Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

July 17 2009, 5:08 PM 

Thank you for the update! It seems like things are heading in the right direction:)

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Re: Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

July 18 2009, 9:06 AM 

Totally excellent. If I knew though that the overseas release would make a US release happen I would probably wait for that though. I don't have a region free player. Does anyone know how expensive they are? Also, if a DVD set is from a different region and I have a region free player, will all DVD sets work on it? I mean I know with the old VHS tapes some were PAL and stuff and wouldn't play on a TV in the US.

Also I wonder the real reason Universal stopped plans for the US release. If it's just the music they could easily have someone re-record the background music. I doubt anyone would even notice. I don't even remember what music was played and it wasn't integral to the show. Universal has been known to replace much more integral music (ie Quantum Leap). I guess we'll have to see what kind of shape the masters are in that get to Australia.

If I have to buy this set from overseas I guess I would as long as I knew it worked I could use a second DVD player anyway. But what kind of extras could we possibly expect from an overseas release anyway?

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It's Official!!

August 27 2009, 2:48 PM 

It's finally going to happen!!! I just heard from Richard Walker of Fabulous Films again. The masters were in excellent shape and the music issues have been resolved. So Tales Of The Gold Monkey - The Complete Series [DVD] is scheduled to be released on October 26. The SRP is £59.99, but Amazon.co.uk has it available for preorder for £43.99.

Planned extras include: episode synopses; series synopsis; cast biographies; stills gallery; a brand new Making Of documentary featuring Stephen Collins, Caitlin O'Heaney, producer Tom Greene and director Harvey Laidman and a 26 page Collectors Booklet. Mr. Walker is going to LA next week to conduct interviews and ask NBC/Universal if they have any outtakes available.

I almost forgot to mention more good news. It seems that Fabulous Films has bought the UK/Australia DVD rights to another short-lived '80s cult show from NBC/Universal:


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August 27 2009, 2:51 PM 

I just received this e-mail from Richard Walker at Fabulous Films:

I need a favor! Any chance you and the fans could come up with some questions for the interviews. I should be doing from the 6th Sept

Stephen Collins
Tom Greene
Harvey Laidman

and from Street Hawk - Rex Smith

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Re: Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

September 4 2009, 2:33 PM 

Wow! Hadn't been here in a while. Just saw this. Hope it's not too late for suggestions.

For Stephen, I would suggest bringing up W.C. Fields famous line about never working with children or animals and follow it up with a question about working with Jack.

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Re: Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

October 5 2009, 6:50 AM 

Time for a Gold Monkey news update. The Region 2/4 set release date has been pushed back to November 9 (2 weeks) because the masters needed some restoration. So Dave and Gord's sources were right. But if it is only going to take a smaller outfit like Fabulous Films an additional 2 weeks, I would think it wouldn't be all that difficult or expensive for Universal to do the restoration. Ah, the mystery of the long delayed, if not outright cancelled, Region 1 set continues. Personally, I think the delay/cancellation is probably due to a number of issues (e.g. restoration time/costs, music clearances, poor sales for other Uni titles from that era, weak economy).

Also, the set is no longer available from Amazon.co.uk. It's now an HMV exclusive for the first 3 months of release. I can still sell them on my site though, since HMV only has an exclusive in the UK. I'm waiting to hear back from Fabulous Films to find out if this means that I can't ship to UK customers.

And finally, a quote from Richard Walker of Fabulous Films: "The docco is finished and it is great. I think you will be impressed!!" I can't wait to watch it!

Grant S
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Re: Plans for DVD release in the UK and Australia!

November 2 2009, 1:28 PM 

I was busy, barely even got online when all of this was happening!!

Too bad I went this long without knowing about this.

Regardless, this is awesome. I'd almost buy a R2 DVD player to view them.

I'll have to look at our computer DVD player to see if it would work. I think it would as it played an Australian DVD once.

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