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Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 10 2010 at 11:24 PM
John  (Login onewildgoose)
from IP address

Got my region 1 DVD's today. I have watched the pilot episode and I must say the quality is awesome. Video 10/10 Audio 9/10. We have waited so long for an official release and it looks like the wait was worth it.
I also thought it was quite fitting that our very own Monkey Woman was mentioned in the "Making of Gold Monkey" special. After all, I don't think these DVD's would have ever been made without her continued dedication to this website.
Thanks Patricia!

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Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 11 2010, 12:54 PM 

Got mine yesterday. I was a little nervous I must admit. How well would it stand the test of time? How much of the show was good and how much was my own nostalgia clouding my memories?

So far, I've only watched the pilot. I was very upset that my copy freezes right after Stephen Collins and John Hillerman fall out of the cave near the waterfall while fighting. I'd send it back, but I don't want to have to wait for a new copy. Urgh!

At any rate, I was pretty plaesantly surprised. The pilot at least, holds up quite well. The story is decent. I like the characters. They do a good job of establishing the environment. There were a few sketchy moments I must say. Occasionally the indoor sets looked VERY indoors. Not Gilligan's Island bad, but it tried it's darnedest to pull me out of the scene. The monkey suits didn't have the same effect on 42 year old me that they had on 14 year old me.

The product itself is awesome. Comes in a nice faux leather box. I love the way the individual disks are arranged and it has the biggest fold out booklet I've seen for a single season TV show. Very nice all the way around. When I ordered it from Amazon it was on sale for $30. Worth every penny and I've only watched the pilot so far.

(Login golddragon71)

Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 12 2010, 9:47 PM 

I had to say I've watched the whole series now and I love it even more than i thought was possible.
a couple of things drew my attention
The Guardian Monkeys looked like Roddy and Co. from his Planet of the Apes films.
We never see the pet Monkey Sarah bring to Louie in the pilot after he climbs up on top of the bar.

(Login sarahcutter)

Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 13 2010, 12:25 AM 

I started with the commentaries - LOL. I've watched/listened to them all except Force of Habit so far.

After wearing out two sets of VHS tapes, it's nice to have the greater picture & sound quality of the DVDs.


(Login CapnAhab)

Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 14 2010, 10:33 AM 

The set looks great. Watched Disc 1. No problems so far, apart from lack of time to watch the rest! The series really stands up. Kinda hoping the producer gets another go at this, maybe as a movie, like Joss Whedon did with "Firefly" & Michael Mann did with "Miami Vice". It's too good!

Strange how much I remember the show all these years later.

Apart from the lame fight in the cave, the Pilot stands up as a terrific period pulp adventure film. A few tweaks & it could've been a theatrical.

All told - I'm happy!!

Cosmic Bob
(Login CosmicBob)

Watched Pilot Yesterday

June 14 2010, 2:25 PM 

I watched the pilot yesterday with my 8 year old son. He had never seen TOTGM before.

We both quite enjoyed it. The video transfer is fabulous. The audio, not so good. Dialog seems quite fuzzy, but the music and overdubs (like Jake's narration) are very clear. I wonder if they remastered that part.

Can't wait to show him the rest of the episodes!

It is about freakin' time these came out on DVD, I must say!

Goldmonkey Fan
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Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

June 16 2010, 10:29 PM 

I'm really enjoying this set! The only disappointing thing about it is that Fabulous Films sourced it from the same PAL transfer they did with their region 2/4 release. The voices sound a little too high at times and the theme song is ever so slightly faster. Most people probably wouldn't even notice. I'm not complaining. I can deal with it, I'm just glad the episodes are complete. The song "As Time Goes By" has also been replaced in the pilot, but all other music and Sarah's singing seems to be there. As mentioned by others, the audio is a bit muffled in some spots. Some dialogue is hard to understand, but only in a few spots. I'm very happy with the special features. I know this was Stephen Collins favorite TV series. After all, it's where he met his wife lol. I wonder why Don Bellsario doesn't appear in the special feartures though. I am very glad to see that the set was dedicated to Jeff MacKay. The show holds up surprisingly well. I have to say its even better than most of the crap that's on TV today. I can enjoy the show now even more as an adult. Thank you to all of the fans and crew who made this set possible. We've all been waiting a LONG time! It was well worth the wait!


(Login werelyn)

I for one...

July 2 2010, 2:45 PM 

Really enjoyed the set, particularly the later episodes that I didn't remember very well.

I didn't realize until seeing the whole thing how tightly written the whole show was, though as a Bellisario fan, I should have expected no less.

As for the DVDs themselves, the set is well produced and well packaged. All in all well worth the money!

(Login treadwell_jay)

Re: Post your thoughts about the DVD's

August 6 2010, 2:52 PM 

>The only disappointing thing about it is that Fabulous Films sourced it from the same PAL transfer they did with their region 2/4 release. The voices sound a little too high at times and the theme song is ever so slightly faster. Most people probably wouldn't even notice. I'm not complaining.

I am! I find it unacceptable. There is no excuse for not making 24p encodes rather than NTSC conversions. Moreover, the print quality does not compare to other releases from the same era and studio. I suspect they used existing prints rather than getting Universal to strike new ones from the negatives. Disappointing.

Also, a little research on their part would have revealed Caitlin O'Heaney to be woefully mistaken in her anecdote about Jack/Leo the dog. There is no way they could have just gotten him from the pound as he already had a long career in TV and film. Bellisario himself had already used him in a Magnum episode the year prior. I don't accuse her of making up stories, but rather mishearing, misremembering or being told something inaccurate from someone else. Apocrypha such as this should be caught before being presented as fact on a major release.

But to end on a high note, it is nice to have the show on DVD at last, albeit not in ideal form.

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January 5 2011, 9:58 AM 

absolutely brilliant. Sometimes silly, but always good-fun. Can't believe episodes are a hour long - i'd swear they are only 10 mins long. Love the interplay between the characters.- also the episode ends are exceptionally good.

really glad I found this series on dvd at last.

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silly panic moment

January 7 2011, 10:55 AM 

had a silly panic moment that I didn't have disc 1, only to find it under the rather lovely episdoe guide.

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