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I am the Administrator. Some of you are are my Moderators. Some of you are merely Players. Your opinions are important to me.
Rules of the Group
1. Any illegal activity on my board will be taken care of. I will contact officials to deal with you. 2. No post condoning rape, hate crimes, harm to minors ect. will be tolerated. (See rule 1.) 3. Tria and her Moderators are in charge. 4. In the case of a dispute, talk to the person you have a dispute with. Then go to a Moderator. Then you can bring it to me. Unless you really believe you need to talk to me then email me first.
Notes about joining this Group
Your data Age: (I ask this to protect any minors in the game.) Char data Name: Age: Char type: (Human, natural or artifically advanced, others may be added) Description: Background:(Make it interesting or I'll just delete it.) Noteworthy: (Is your char obsessed? Have a pet? Eat tin cans? Tell me.) Special abilities: (What, if anything, is <I>so </I>special about your char?)
How to join the Group
Approval + Valid Email Required. Requires Validated Email and Owner Approval. When applying to this Group, you must supply a valid email address. When you have sent your application you will automatically receive via email a numeric key which you can use to validate your email. After you have validated your email address, the Group Owner can then approve your membership into the Group.
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