TheUnRuled Singles

This forum is a sub-branch of site. It was designed for discussions about TUR/OOT (which is a guild "clan" in "UO" ultima online) releated topics, more specific; parties, gatherings and our singles.
Rules of the Group
The rules are as follows... We are the unruled :) there are no rules! Guidelines: Each member must maintain a TUR attitude. Which means no being rude. "treat others like you want to be treated, if it happens you want to be treated badly then, "if you have nothing to say, say nothing at all"!
Notes about joining this Group
To gain access to this forum, you have to be a TUR/OOT who has atleast 1 single character. You have to have a network54 login, if you are already a member of TUR Private then you may use your login info here. If you are not then what are you waiting for join TUR Private & then come back here :) If you do not know how to get to TUR Private to join... sigh then go to: When you apply please state who you are (most frequently used char name). Thank you!
How to join the Group
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