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Use your common sense and good judgement. Moderators style: The iron hand in the velvet glove, and if that doesn't work just pull the thread! Forum Code of Conduct This forum is the place for discussion based on matters relating to the Handley Page Halifax. All other posts/materials belong in the other excellent relevant aviation forums elsewhere on the web. All users under the age of 13 must seek permission from their parent or guardian in order to gain membership of the Handley Page Halifax forum. There is no minimum age in order to join in, however if you are unable to converse in an adult manner your account will be deactivated. The Moderators have the final say in all matters; no reason for deletion of posts or accounts should be expected. As well as text-based discussion, contributors are welcome to post their own photos or any photos that they have the legal right to post. Please bear in mind that many members are on dial up connections and to reduce file sizes to the size to the smallest feasible format. Swearing, disrespect and racism will result in immediate banning from all forums. Blatant advertising of products and services is unacceptable. If you wish to advertise please email us for our terms and conditions. A contributor may put a link to his/her personal website. posting constant advertising of personal sites may result in the threads being removed. Signatures must be brief and compact. Prior to posting new threads, the search facility should be used to ensure that the subject has not been covered before. Repeating content is bad forum practice. Threads over 6 months old should not be resurrected without specific reason. Any new member that starts to post unnecessary threads/posts will be removed instantly. Please post in English, commonly used abbreviations are acceptable however refrain from using ‘mobile’ text as not everyone understands it. Please ensure that any material posted with copyright is owned by the contributor. The underlying principle forming the basis of this forum is to further all our knowledge bases of aviation through group input. Join us with a welcome attitude and an open mind and we look forward to your input. The Moderator Team.
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