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Access Control
Network54 Groups and Access Control
This document details Network54 Groups and how to set up Access Control for so you can create private or moderated forums/chatrooms.

What is a Network54 Group?
A Group at Network54 is a list of Network54 logins that you can create to grant access to your forums and chatrooms. All of your Group members must therefore have their own login and password on Groups have their own "Group Page" which is a basic home page for the Group. Also please note that we use the term "Group" to refer to a group of people, and a Network54 Group is not the same as a discussion or news group. For most purposes we use the term "Forum" to refer to discussion groups at Network54.

Creating a Group
Groups at Network54 are very easy to create and manage. When you create a new Group (under the Access Control area of the main login page) you will be asked for a name and description of your Group. You will also be asked for additional information which might be relevant to the Group (depending on how you've set it up).

How People Join Your Group
When someone wishes to join your Group, they visit the Group page and then "apply" to the Group. To apply to a Group a new member must also have a Network54 account. When someone visits your Group page and does not have a Network54 account, will prompt them to create a new account which they can use immediately to apply to your Group. Note that you can also manually add existing Network54 accounts into your Group, if you know what the new member's Network54 account name is.

Group Verification
The "Group Verification" option controls how new people can get into your Group. There are several ways of doing this: "Open Access" allows anyone to join your Group automatically. "Approval Required" allows users to apply to your Group but you must review and approve the application before the new user is added. "Requires Valid Email" means that Network54 will validate the new applicant's email address, and can be combined with the "Approval Required" option. You can also close membership to the Group - new users won't be able to send applications.

Other Group Options
Once you've selected an appropriate option for Group Verification, you can optionally add some additional information which will appear on your Group's page. "Group Rules & Guidelines" are behavioral guidelines that members of the Group should follow. "Application Guidelines" are the basic snippets of information about themselves that new Group members should send with their application. Note that this really only matters if you're using Approval type verification. If you're using Approval with Email Verification, you could also state in the Application Guidelines that applications with verified email addresses would not be approved if those email addresses were from anonymous email services.

Approving Applications
If you're using any approval type verification for your Group, you'll need to make sure that you check for new applications from time to time. After you've logged in to your account, any Groups with new applications will have red dots next to their names. Edit the Group and then use the "Applications" link to approve new applications into your Group.

Setting Access Control for Forums and Chatrooms
Now that you have created your Group, you can change access privileges for your Forums and Chatrooms. When you edit your Forum or Chatroom, select the "Access Control" link, which will give you a list of your Groups where you can set access privileges. There are also two additional groups "Anyone (public access)" and "Anyone with a Network54 Login" that you can set privileges for. "Anyone" is any person that visits your forum or chatroom - the Internet public. "Anyone with a Network54 login" applies to all users on the Network54 system who are logged into their Network54 account. Your own login name will also appear in the list.

Forum and Chatroom Access Privileges
There are separate pages defining access privileges for Forums and Chatrooms.

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