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How: Are you new to the world of blogs, forums, and chat? Want to know how using Network54 can help you build customer loyalty, improve communication, and save development costs?

Who: Our featured users making the most of Network54


The idea of community is nothing new to the internet. In fact, prior to the advent of the web, there existed hundreds of special-interest newsgroups and forums in which primarily technical users exchanged ideas, formed new relationships and sparked innovation.

The Internet has changed a lot since then.

Today, millions of users interact using community tools on websites, web blogs, internet newsgroups email, instant messaging and a plethora of other technologies. Community builds closer ties, increases visitor "stickiness" and helps you reach out to customers, suppliers and partners.

Many companies are satisfied with simply "broadcasting" information to the world through their website. But one very important component to marketing is enabling two-way communication. Network54 tools allow you to do this easily, inexpensively and quickly.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by establishing a forum for customer support, self-help and feedback.

  • Use chat rooms to sponsor live events that help attract new customers and members.

  • Post votelets to conduct impromptu opinion polls that help shape the direction of your business or its product development.

  • Use a realm as a placeholder to "contain" forums, chat rooms and votelets. Link to the realm from your existing website.

But you don't have to be a commercial business to take advantage of what Network54 has to offer. In fact, Network54 provides you features found only in larger, harder to use and more expensive solutions:

  • Use Network54 to mobilize local community action groups.

  • Start forums that help your non-profit reach out to local aid.

  • Conduct opinion polls that help support your position.

Get started now!

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