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Toksave: Due to constant spamming and abuse of the freedom of expression (within reasonable means) on this site, it has been converted into a moderated site, which means that anything that you post, must first be read and approved by a moderator before it can be seen by the public.
Political expression and cartoons are still welcome on this site, but must be confined to the politics board.
Please note that PNGSCAPE is still committed to allowing anonymous postings and not revealing identities, but messages MUST NOT be obscene (unless on the Lovers or Romantics board), abusive, posted with the intent to demean or humiliate (unless in political expression) or defamatory to individuals. Allowance will be made when the subject is a political or public figure, but messages must still not be overboard in nature.

If you with to report an abusive, offensive, or defamatory posting to be deleted, post your request on the Feedback Board at the bottom of this page.
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