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About This Forum

This is an open, moderated forum created in October 2006 to discuss pre-1970, vintage Non-Sports cards. It will be moderated to primarily talk about pre01970, vintage Non-Sports cards and related subjects.

Who Can Post?

You must be registered and logged in to participate. You may remain anonymous as long your post is not controversial or confrontational.

Anonymous posts that are controversial or confrontational will probably be deleted. If any board moderator asks you to email them personally you must do so or risk being banned from posting on the board. This is for everyone's safety. Board moderators will only ask for these emails under circumstances they deem necessary for the welfare of the board. Everyone has "read" access to the site and we hope all enjoy it. We welcome new members all of the time as long as they come with the forum purpose in mind.

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What Can I Post About?

This forum was established to talk about Pre-1970 Non-Sports cards. Subjects "related" to Pre-1970 Non-Sports cards can be discussed also. Occasionally, off topic subjects will be permitted by board participants only. The participants involvement in the board determines the leniency in frequency of off topic posts. In other words the more you participate the more leniency you will receive in discussing off-topic material. This is still a Pre-1970 Non-Sports card chat board and we will always try keep it's focus. Others are permitted too as long as you are a frequent board participant and they are only occasional.

Things you can not post about.

Personal information about people including but not limited to: Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc, unless given permission ... Bickering between participants on the board is expected. As long as it doesn't get too bad it will be let go. Too much fighting is not good and will be censored. Personal attacks will not be allowed. Name calling will not be allowed. Those exchanges should be taken off line and will be asked to do so. Politics and religion are also not permitted on the board and posts concerning this subject matter will be deleted. Any cards other than Pre-1970 Non-Sports will not be permitted by folks that are not regular contributors and will be considered off topic. Any new cards will be considered off topic as there are other boards for that, however some 70's and 80's non-sports card topics could be permitted and may not be deemed off topic. Memorabilia, autographs, game used anything, and other sports things will be considered off topic and any cards that aren't Non-Sports will be considered off topic.

We also ask that members do not "hijack" the threads of other members as this does a disservice to those interested in that particular subject matter and is especially discourteous to the original author of that thread.

Also, to be absolutely clear, this is not a complaint board about grading, graders or grudges. If your first post on the forum is negative, it will likely be deleted. Trolls are not tolerated and they will be banned.

Posts offering to buy, sell, or trade items should be made in the appropriate Buy/Sell/Trade index. This includes posts for items appearing in on-line auctions like eBay, Mastro, Lipset, etc. B/S/T posts in the main Vintage Non-Sports Cards Forum will be deleted.

You may disagree with another poster's opinions, but please keep the insults to a minimum.  Moderation will be in moderation when the rules are followed!

Anything Else About Posting?

  1. Using a descriptive title for your posts as a courtesy to other readers.
  2. If you have a question, use the search feature first.


How do I register and log in?

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