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 Statement: I have been married to my W for almost 4 years now. We have been together for more than 7 years and I love her more than anything in this world. I can honestly say that I think we had a good marriage and a good relationship. Unfortunately on 1/11/07 (d-day) my world fell apart when she confessed to having an A with a co-worker. She told me at the time that it happened a year and 7 months ago and that itís been done and over with. Unfortunately she still works with the OP. Needles to say this is VERY HARD for me. Just the knowledge of the A is devastating to me and the work situation just makes it so much harder, harder to move on and harder to heal. Due to our financial situation we are regrettably not in the position were she can just quit her job and get out but she is making effort by applying for other jobs. I love my W and believe that she is truly remorseful. I decided to stay and we are both working hard on our marriage now. Itís been 3 months and I have already notice things in our relationship that is better and I have hope for the future but I am still hurting and itís basically a daily struggle for me at the moment due to overwhelming emotions and bad thoughts
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