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How to get the most from your Crosman.


The modifications listed in these pages require some mechanical knowledge and skill. Failure to properly complete a modification can and in some instances will create an unsafe airgun. There is no way for the writers and presenters of this information to know that you are completing the mods in a proper and safe manner, therefore by using the information herein contained, you assume sole liability for any consequences thereafter.

If you are uncomfortable with performing the modifications, or don't have the mechanical skills, there are professional tuners who can do the work for you at a reasonable cost.

The Crosman Airgun Forum is an international forum, therefore the information herein contained may not comply with laws in your respective country. Compliance with laws in your respective country / jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the end user.

thank you and enjoy the sport we call airgunning!

FB. Jan 17 '04

Modification Sections
Biohazardous Technologies
Valve mods and porting
Valve mods and porting (update)
Transfer port modifications
Transfer port modifications (update)
Sight modifications
Trigger tune
Valve retention upgrade
Barrel recrowning
Internal tube bulking
External tank bulking
Breach Review
Sight modifications #2

Fireball Technologies

Cal9908 Technologies

13xx valve tune up
Crosman 2200 rework

Nightstalker valve repair
Jeffrey T. Pursley Articles

Microbugs Technologies

13xx Disassembly

Bolt Probing

Symmetriad CAD

LeonardJ Technologies

2200 Modelling & Animation

Roller Trigger Modification

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