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Chain Saw Safety Links

Basic Chainsaw Safety And Use
Chain Saw Safety No Tricks
UACES Publications Chain Saw Safety
kse Chain Saw Safety
Safety Information
Chain Saw Safety after a Disaster
IRS - Forestry Info - Basic Chain Saw Safety
NASD Chain Saw Safety
Chain Saw Safety Tips
Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Loggers
OSHA Safety and Health Topics:Logging
OSHA Standards for logging operations
California Department of Industrial Relations - Portable Chain Saw Operation
Chain Saw Safety - Advice from an Expert - Part I
Chain Saw Safety - Advice from an Expert - Part II
Chain Saw Safety - Advice from an Expert - Part III

Animal Images

Chain Saw Maintenance Links

Spark Arrestor/exhaust port
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Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter Photos of a large number of bird species
Owls of North America Multimedia
U of Michigan Animal Diversity Web Photos of many animals

Chainsaw Carving Books and Videos:

Chainsaw Carving: The Art & Craft -- Hal MacIntosh, Hal McIntosh; Paperback
Chainsaw Sculptor: The Art of J. Chester 'Skip' Armstrong (Folk Art and Artists) -- Sharon R. Sherman, Skip Armstrong; Paperback
Chainsaw Carving Manual -- Westenhaver-Houde; Paperback
In the Trees of Tulsa: A Guide to the Chainsaw Art of Clayton Coss -- Paperback
Totem Pole Carving: Bringing a Log to Life -- Vickie Jensen
Carving Totem Poles and Masks -- Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater
Chainsaw Arts & Crafts, Making and Marketing by Hal MacIntosh (book+Video)
"Masters of the Chainsaw: Extreme Power Carving"
2002 Ridgeway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous
Chainsaw Carving books and videos (and supplies) at Log Home Store - Hal MacIntosh, Jerry Wagner, Jerry Faber

Saw Manufacturers

Echo (USA)
John Deere

Carving Bar Manufacturers

GB Carving Bars
Cannon Carving Bars

Sharpening Advice

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Chain Sharpening Advice Stihl's chain sharpening advice


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Wood Characteristics table of common woods at


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Medical and Liability Insurance for Carvers Some info provided by Doug Ricks</TD

Finishing tips

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UV protector - additive Improve UV protection of finishes - info from Terry McKinnon