Established September 1996

Gaudeamu igitur in lasciva cogitamenta a' outrance nemine contradicente.

(Let us then rejoice in lusty thoughts to excess without opposition.)

****Thank you to {{{{{Dwind'l}}}}} for the correct words to the motto!!****

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School Colors, Crest and Mascot

School colors:  Blue and Yellow

School crest:  A whip & crossbow overlapping as the focal point with blue & yellow M&M's, some grapes, & a hot tub in the background

Mascot:  Cerberus

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Board of Lustees

President:  Iolaus

Vice President:  Hercules

Secretary:  Salmoneus

Director of Athletic Department:  Ares

Director of Fund Raising:  Jason, Former King of Corinth

Faculty Advisor:  Autolycus

Director of Extracurricular Activities:  Hades

Fire Marshall:  Hephaestus
Resident Stud Muffin:  Iphicles

Secretary at ALL board meetings:  Chancellor Emeritus Astraea

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Faculty and Staff


Chancellors Emeritus:

Active Chancellors: