How to add a picture to your post using Network54

First things to Know / Do:

  • Since we don't know who's lurking on our public forum we suggest using only modest pix.

  • You need to register with Network54 (it's FREE, you'll have FULL viewing/reading access to this board without moderation and there are a lot of extra options that you get with it!)

  • Use Internet Explorer. For some reason, when you use Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera, the pictures won't post. Keep this in mind if you use AOL because they use one of those incompatible browsers.

  • The photos can't be a bitmap (.bmp), they must be a .gif or .jpg file and it should be 50kb or less or it will be too large to post.  Make sure that there are no spaces or symbols in the file name - if you need to rename then using the _ (underscore) works best.  An example of this might be renaming a file called "snowball fight.jpg" to "snowball_fight.jpg"

  • When adding a photo or an embedded slideshow to your post please make sure to add a a 'disclaimer' in the subject line such as ("photo", "pic" or "slideshow").  Some folks have slower connections or slower systems and may choose not to open photo posts, this will save them having their system freeze up or slow down too much while downloading.

  • You might want to print this page or open another browser window to try it out to make sure that you get your photo uploaded.

  • These photos are uploaded temporarily to your Network 54 account.  They will be removed automatically by Network 54 after 7 days.


  1. After you sign in open a new message by going to "Post a Message" in the top right of the message board.

  2. Under the Message Text box is the "Insert Object" button.  Click on it and a pop-up box will open.

  3. In the pop-up box click on the left side where it says "Temporary Files" (If you have more than one choice, most will not) and then you will be able to click on the "upload" link in the bottom left of the pop-up box.  (It will turn yellow!)

  4. Click on the "Browse" button and when the next box pops up  you find the file on your computer, select it and click on "Open" to bring you back to the upload box.  

  5. After you have found the photo and entered it click on the "Upload" button to the right of the "Browse" button.
  6. Your photo will appear on the right side and the name of it will come up on the left side in the Temporary files list.  (Click on the name of the file on the left if it doesn't show on the right side.  If it's not there then go back and try again from step 4.)  On the right side there will be a button that says "insert image", click that.  This is what you'll see inside the Message Text section of your page.  

  7. If you want to place it in another part of the text you can highlight-cut-paste it but you must not alter it or it won't work!  (Even one letter, character, etc.)       

  8. Preview it first and then click on "Post" and voila!!  Your photo is in your message for others to view!

  9. Please don't forget to add a a 'disclaimer' in the subject line such as (photo) or (pic) as a courtesy to others on the list.