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Welcome to my realm! I am caretaker, slave, and mommy (Notice I do not say I am their "owner", due to the fact that they own me) to ten naughty rats, Nicodemus, Templeton, Rizzo, Oshkosh, Buckwheat, Fletcher, Marigold, Isabella, Geraldine, and last but not least Miranda. After many thousands of hours spent with my ratties I have established a website to share useful information, stories, fun stuff, some totally unrelated stuff, and of course pictures. I also have a forum where you can post your comments, suggestions, constructive crticism, and ideas. Enjoy!

^  They call me the Ratgirl for a reason you know.  ^

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As of 4-17-2... Chapter 23 has been posted! I started the True Rat Stories page... it's still a work in progress but there are a few stories there now. I added a brand-spanking new Wildlife page, and the forum will be expanded for wildlife topics eventually.

I've got a brand-spanking new votelet too! Come and vote!

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