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Forum Specific Questions

How do I post images with Photobucket?

How do I post in the Crosman Airgun Forum Classifieds?

How do I post in the Crosman Airgun Forum Machinist Guild?

General Crosman Rifle & Pistol Questions

Lost safety detent ball and spring

Crosman Parts Ordering

Replacement Barrels

Why would I recrown my barrel and How do I do it?

Can I install an after market or Crosman steel breech on my Phase I/II 1377/1322, 1389, SSP-250, 262.

Should I leave my MSP (392, 397, 13xx) charged.

13XX Specific Questions

13XX Pivot Pin Removal

How do I adjust my adjustable piston?

What do I need to convert 1377 to 22?

What are the differences between the stock and aftermarket cone style pistons and the flat top pistons? Which is better?


Forum Specific Answers

How do I post images with Photobucket?

Dave (login oldcoot) provided us with a link to the image posting tutorial on Photobucket.

Photobucket Tutorial

When you click on the link to the tutorial, you will see a new browser window open and the tutorial will be displayed. Just click on the X in the top right corner to close this window when you are done!

How do I post in the Crosman Airgun Forum Classifieds?

In order to post in the Classifieds you must be logged in and you must have posting privileges. All you need to do is is click where it says "click here to receive privileges" and click on the link that says "Crosman Airgun Forum Classifieds.".

How do I post in the Crosman Airgun Forum Machinist Guild?

The Machinist Guild is a moderated area in the forum. You are allowed to post there as a Forum member, but your post will not show up until after the moderator for the Guild has approved the post. Please be patient and do not submit the post again.

General Crosman Rifle & Pistol Answers

Lost safety detent ball and spring

Ed Moore (login Ed. M and Duane (login Biohazardman) provided us with suggestions on the safety detent spring and ball.

This has happened to just about everyone at one point or another and they can be tough to find if they get away. You can order replacements from Crosman; the safety detent spring is P/N 1322-017 and the safety detent ball is P/N 105-039.

If you just can't wait, there are a couple options available to you.  For a good substitute on the safety detent spring, you can take the spring out of a disposable lighter.  For the safety detent ball, there are a couple different things to use; a 3/32" ball bearing, the ball from a small key chain or from a zerk fitting.

When reassembling, be sure to put a small amount of grease on the ball and spring.  It will help keep them from disappearing the next time you need to disassemble.

Crosman Parts Ordering

As of this writing, Crosman does not have an online parts ordering system, you will need to call and place your order or mail an order form in.  They are offering some parts through the Crosman Shop that can be ordered online, but this is mostly some items in the Custom Shop and some other accessories.  The phone number is 1-800-7AIRGUN or 1-800-724-7486.  For faster shipment you will need a credit card, but you can send a check or money order with your mail in payment.

Be sure you have all of the part numbers available before you call as they are not able to look them up for you.  Many of the common part numbers can be found on the Crosman Airgun Forum Tech Common Part Numbers page or you can download most of the Crosman EVP's (Exploded View Parts and Price List) from the Crosman Manuals and Parts Diagram section.

Replacement Barrels

Bob Dole (login BobDole42) provided this table that includes many of the replacement barrels that are available from Crosman.  If a barrel will fit only on a certain rifle or pistol, it will be noted as such and should not be used on another platform.

Replacement barrels for a 13xx rifle or pistol longer than 10.25” require modification or replacement of the front band due to their length. This simply requires drilling the hole in the factory front band to 7/16”. Replacement of the band can be accomplished with the 2289 band and screw P/N 788b011 and 781a012 or other after market parts. Note: the 2289 band does not have a front sight post like the factory band. If you still wish to use open sights you need a barrel mounted sight P/N 788-101 standard or 760-201 fiber optic.

 .177 (4.5mm)
Length Original Gun Crosman P/N
7.5” 2240 Only 1740-002
10.25” 1377 1377-025
10.1” Lothar Walther Match 2300 2300-102
24” 1760 1760-001
.22 (5.5mm)    
Length Original Gun Crosman P/N
7.5” 2240 Only 2240-002
10.25” 1322 1322-064
14.5” 2289 2289-001
14.5” 2250 2250-019
18” 2400 2400-102
24” 2260 2260-003

Why would I recrown my barrel and How do I do it?

We will start off with why would I want to recrown my barrel.  The largest factor, as it relates to accuracy, is how good the crown of the barrel is.  Many times you can greatly improve the accuracy of a gun that is shooting groups that may be in inch or so in diameter to groups that measure ¼" or less.  This, of course, assumes that you are doing your job as the shooter.

Any gunsmith can cut and crown a barrel for you, but you can expect to pay upwards of $50.00 for this service. This is something that you can do on your own with some simple tools you probably already own.  The procedure to do a Biohazardman recrown are in the Forum Tech section on the Barrel Recrown page. Thanks Bio!

Can I install an after market or Crosman steel breech on my Phase I/II 1377/1322, 1389, SSP-250, 262

Bob Dole (login BobDole42) provided us with this information on replacing the breech on these early models.

Currently manufactured breeches will fit these models, but may require slight modification. Over the years Crosman has changed both the screw size and head diameter of the breech screw several times. To install the breech you will need to reuse the breech screw that came with your gun. The head diameter may need to be turned down to fit the counter bore in the breech. This can be accomplished by wrapping the threads with tape and chucking it in a drill motor or drill press. A file can than be used to reduce the head diameter.

Note: You must retain the current rear-cocking setup, conversion to bolt cocking setup will require further modification or replacement of the main tube with one of current manufacture. To accomplish this the tube must either be replaced or a cocking slot cut in the tube, the hammer and other associated parts must also be replaced with updated parts. See parts diagrams for part numbers for your model.

Should I leave my MSP (392, 397, 13xx) charged?

Thanks go to Tom Anderson (login TheOldBuzzard) and CharlesC (login CuzinChuck) for this recent answer as there always seems to be some confusion on this question.

The major producers of domestic multi-pump pneumatics as well as gurus of the genre have always recommended leaving a pump or two in the guns when stored to prevent dust or dirt intrusion into valve and seals and to keep the valve sealing material compliant with its' seat. My pump guns still have air stored in them after months of storage.

13XX Specific Answers

13XX Pivot Pin Removal

Trevor (login fireballag) provided us with these instructions on the 13xx Pivot Pin Removal.

You will need a 3/16" roll punch, hammer and a wooden block - you can drill a through hole in the block if you want to get fancy.

Open the pump linkage to remove pressure from the pivot pin.  Place the tube on the block and use the roll punch to drive the pin all the way through.  This technique applies to all pins in general, use the right tool for the right job!

How do I adjust my adjustable piston?

Thank you to Bob Dole (login BobDole42), chevell (login chevell1322) and Steve in NC (login pneuguy) who all provided us with these instructions on how to properly adjust an adjustable piston.

By removing the valve internals or the o-ring(s) from the piston, you will feel exactly when the piston contacts the valve. Otherwise, when closing the pump arm you are trying to compress the air and that resistance will make it more difficult to determine proper adjustment.

The piston should just contact the valve when the pump arm is about 3/4" from being closed, that will allow adequate cam over to hold the pump arm closed and take up head space.

One more helpful tip is to use a solid rod rather than the stock roll pin when adjusting the piston. A drill shank or a piece of drill rod blank can be easily inserted and removed while adjusting. This will save a lot of wear and tear on you and the gun!

What do I need to convert 1377 to 22?

Thank you to fireball (login randyfb) for the parts required.

You will need the proper 22xx barrel, see the Replacement Barrel section in the FAQ for the correct part number. The 2240 will not work for this, it is 7.5" long. You will also need a 2289 barrel band - P/N 788B011, a barrel band set screw - P/N 781A012, a 22 Caliber bolt - P/N 1322-063 and a 22 Caliber bolt o-ring - P/N 970-028.

What are the differences between the stock and aftermarket cone style pistons and the flat top pistons? Which is better?

The stock piston and pump cup assembly leaves a bit to be desired in the way of strength. The plastic piston will flex under pressure and likely increase head space. By limiting the head space, ideally to 0, you will maximize the pressure into the valve. If headspace is not eliminated, the pressure in the valve and the pressure in the head space will be equalized and no amount of pumping will get more air into the valve.

I don't believe anyone is currently offering a true cone style piston, but you can purchase an adjustable piston that makes use of the stock pump cup. For some, this may do a better job due to fewer maintenance issues than a piston that relies on o-rings for sealing.

Several vendors are offering a flat top piston and you can purchase the valve already faced or you can choose to grind it down yourself. Arguably, the flat-top will likely produce greater power than the other pistons currently available, but at the cost of some added maintenance. Part of that additional maintenance can be alleviated by using 90 UR Urethane o-rings as opposed to the standard o-rings - thank you chevell.

Whether you choose to utilize a cone style piston, a flat-top piston or one that utilizes the stock pump cup, the most important thing is to utilize an adjustable piston to eliminate the flex of the stock piston and eliminate the headspace to the maximum extent possible. Which one is best depends your requirements and your willingness to keep up with some additional maintenance.

FAQ Page by Jeff Pursley and all the dedicated contributors here on the Crosman Airgun Forum

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