Don Winner's Step By Step Deep Relief Eagle

Don Winner has contributed another great step-by-step carving post. Below is his post, slightly reformatted. Let me know if it looks bad. Thanks, Don!

This is a step by step of the layout on the harley eagle I did last week, the layout is the same thing I do for the tables I make just differnt size......

1... the wood I use is white cedar, I start with
rough sawed cedar about 8 ft. by 8in. wide
3 in. thick....
2... cut to length (about 30 in.)
3... layout for biscuts
4... cut out for biscuts
5... glue up with the biscuits
6... wood clamps
7... lots of clamps
8... after glue dries (at least 24 hrs.) sand off
exess glue and layout lines

10.. draw out your sketch
13.. fire up the chain and carve away
14.. a little torch work and detail
15.. a little fine sanding and oil....(I use
Danish oil) about 4 or 5 coats......

ok there you have it CUL....Don.....