Code of Conduct


These boards are intended to give members a place to talk about hockey -- Caps hockey mostly, but any hockey will do. It's our intention to keep it spirited, but friendly. So... while any community can be expected to have divergent opinions on any number of subjects, by posting here you are agreeing to respect those differences and refrain from:

- posting on any subjects not pertaining to hockey unless you are requesting information (we'll allow the occasional post announcing the birth of a child, or the like);
- refraining from making any personal attacks on fellow members;
- comments of a political nature (we don't carry soap boxes in stock; you'll have to go elsewhere to stand on one);
- comments that can be regarded as racial, gender, religious, national, or other personal slurs;
- antagonistic comments made to provoke a serious quarrel;
- posting disturbing or pornographic pictures.

Such comments/posts/threads will be deleted at the sole discretion of the forum owners and/or moderators, and their decision shall be final.

Repeat offenses shall be grounds to terminate your participation in this forum. Remember, what may seem a "joke" to you could be interpreted very differently by another member. Please consider that as you post.

We're all here because of our love of hockey and (hopefully) the Washington Capitals. Your opinions are welcome, your biases are not. Responsible people know the difference, and we believe that those admitted for membership here are responsible people.

The Forum Owners and Moderators.

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