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Tutorials by TheBOB:

New for QB64 Users: All-in-One QBasic Graphics Tutorial: QB-Graphics Tutorial
This is the combined TheBOB1 + TheBOB2  fiiles below, but converted  to QB64 so they will run on  modern operating systems.
Beginners QBasic Tutorial Tutorial 122KB (A nice introduction to QBasic including a section on graphics)

The main program (TUTOR.BAS) is source code. To
run it, you will require a QBasic interpreter
(QBASIC.EXE, QB.EXE or QBX.EXE). Unzip this file
in the same directory as one of these interpreters.
An alternative is to run it in a separate directory
to which you have also copied a QB interpreter.
- TheBOB

QBasic Graphics TheBOB1 772KB (Unbelievably good graphics tutorial!)
QBasic Graphics TheBOB2 670KB (The rest of the tutorial)


Tutorials by Moneo: QBasic Tutorials Contains these 4-File

1) Moneoalg.txt: This a collection of mostly one-line algorithms which can come in handy.

2) Moneodate.txt:
    This is comprehensive tutorial covering:
    -Date and Time
    -Weeks in a Year
    -Leap Year
    -Conversion of a date to days from year zero, to compute days between two dates..

3) Moneornd.doc: An in-depth analysis of rounding terminology and the most popular rounding methods, with examples in QB.

4) Moneoval.doc A detailed tutorial covering recommendations and pitfalls on the subject of input data validation for:
    -Names and addresses

Moneo Tutorials: 3 New Additional  (non-zipped) Files:



Tutorial by Clippy:

Clippy's QB Demo QB Demo programs, animation and help files.

Tutorial by mennonite:
QBasic How-To Tutorial Size 210KB (mennonite's pretty good intro to qbasic)

L I N K S Run QBasic code on modern 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems/
Pete's QBasic Forum A nice QBasic forum by some other "Pete."
Dav's Forum Network54 should have such a good threaded-list index
Unseenmachine QBasic / QB64 Website
QBasicNews Forum A nice QBasic forum
Bill's Website The STxAxTIC math Library High Precision Mathematics Environment & Home of the Sxript Programming Language

Reference materials you can buy Good stuff for QBasic programmers
DOS reference works Good stuff for BAT files and SHELL commands
Ethan Winer's site BASIC Techniques and Utilities book and more

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