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The significance of the FAQ
How to avoid getting flamed on the Qbasic Forum
(if you wish to chat) How can I use the Chatroom?
Forum & General
What is Qbasic? What is the difference between QBasic and QuickBasic?
How do I post on the QBasic forum?
How can I post without losing leading and embedded spaces?
How can I search the QBasic Forum?
How can I get my name and email to automatically be filled in?
How can I change my posts?
Interrupts, Timer, Mouse
How can I make a pause or delay, including smaller than 1 second?
How do I make programs that Use the Mouse?
Reading the Keyboard and Printing
How can I write a password-with-asterisk program?
How can I Limit the Number of Chars at an Input Prompt?
How can I Deactivate CTRL-Break and CTRL-C program breaking?
How can I test the keyboard, including F-keys and arrow keys?
How can I read control keys such as SHIFT?
How can I detect multiple simultaneous key presses?
How can I print?
Making QBasic work with Dos and Windows
How can I make QBasic work? Won't run on VISTA or 64 bit.
How can I copy a QB program to the Clipboard or NotePad?
How can I make LPRINT work in windows XP?
How can I get a bootable (stand-alone) DOS?
Can I write Windows programs with QBasic? Which commands conflict with windows?
How do I make a routine to Shut Down the computer?
How can I access the Windows clipboard from QBasic 4.5+?
How can I make my program manipulate the Windows dos box?
How can I get dos working if it fails? (WinNT... /XP?)
How can I make QBasic play a .WAV file in Windows?
How can I make my program get a Directory List of files?
How can I get QB to run full-screen in my Windows XP?
Errors and Simple Debugging
Why does my program always get the same random numbers?
What is RANDOMIZE TIMER good for? How does RND work?
What is the maximum size of a number?
Why are equal numbers not comparing as equal?
Why does (you name it) only work in Main and not SUBs?
How can I trap errors using ON ERROR?
Why am I getting an "Out of Stack Space" error?
Files: Saving and Restoring Games, Databases
How can I Test for the existance of drives?
How can I test for the existence of a file?
How can I save and restore data for games, etc.?
How can I Use OPEN FOR RANDOM to access and update data?
Where Can I Find Information About the FIELD Statement and Random Access Files?
How can I access BINARY files?
Sound, and Common Graphics Questions
How can I PLAY long strings of music in the background?
How can I play chromatic scale notes using SOUND?
Tutorial on special effects: screen mode, colors, music
How can I use graphics and make pictures on the screen?
How can I Switch Screens? (paging) How can I use Masks?
How can I create 4/8-bit Windows bitmaps from QBasic?
How can I load 1, 4, 8 and 24-bit Windows Bitmaps?
How can I Draw a Triangle?
How can I change Colors in the Palette?
How can I Use LOGO commands in QBasic?
How can I Make Graphics Move?
How can I avoid eye-straining flicker?
Other Questions
Where can I find music for the QBasic PLAY command?
How can I use the CHAIN command?
How can I do multitasking?
How can I write/access ASM code in QBasic?
How can I use PEEK and POKE?
How can I create/merge libraries in QB?
How do I (you name it) in other brands of BASIC or convert my program to them?
Who maintains www.qbasic.com? Where is Mallard?
What is GOSUB, and why would I use it?
How can I access EMS memory?
How do I convert Binary Numbers to Decimal?
How do I convert Decimal Numbers to Binary?
What is the Difference between a Compiler and Interpreter?
Can you write an Operating System (or part of it) using QBasic?
How can I Sort Data?
How can I open and close the CD-ROM tray? (QB4.5 or higher)
How can I compute ARCSIN, Pi, etc.
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