Discussion Board Code of Conduct

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Welcome to discussion boards, a virtual community where we try live up to ThePuristS philosophy of life -

Pursuing integrity and perfection in an imperfect world.

This forum is a celebration of that commitment to excellence and quality of life.

Some simple guidelines for participants of this forum:

By participating on any ThePuristS' discussion boards, 

1. participant grants to ThePuristS and its owners a fee free copyright, in perpetuity, to host any and all comments and pictures made in posts and discussions on ThePuristS and the specific forum.  If you have any reservations about this whatsoever, PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE on the forum.

2. participant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the opinions and positions presented in posts by individuals are the personal opinions and positions of the individual person posting, and may not be reflective of the position of ThePuristS' owner(s) or management.

Looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Best regards,


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