What's the foremost reason why on planet Earth demigod humans seem not to get around to one thing: to free the joy of 'give and take' from its bondage to money?

1. Millionaires do anything to protect money. They seek political power to thwart any ideology hostile to their financial interests.

2. Future generations might reach a social consensus eventually leading to doing away with money.

3. Now is the time for smart buddies to start musing and rocking about a world without money.

4. Money will auto-delete itself if all of us volunteer together with ideas and efforts.

5. Money ought to be suspended for life to be really smooth but we're enslaved to its rule for good.

6. Without money the world could be a nicer place to live in, whereas the way people are seen taken in by dealing with it shows who are the creeps and jerks.

7. No money, no honey! No master of Zen could bring anyone that 'wonder hen' as money does...

8. Money is the motor of progress. Finding ways how to easily make money to satisfy physical and fancy needs spurs us to develop our talents.

9. Money is the greatest thing on Earth. It is the ultimate pleasure to outdo others in heaping up a fortune.

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