Trip Selection
How do you select your next peak/climb/hike?

1. I have a life-list and work my way through it.
2. I read Tom's book (sometimes in the bathroom) until a peak captures my interest.
3. I wait for Dan to contact me and let me know where we are going that weekend.
4. I'm a hippie and I just go where the road takes me.
5. I'm kind of nerdy and I have a spreadsheet and it ranks peaks by prominence and other stats and I select based on that.
6. I look at the weather and snow conditions and decide based on that.
7. I rotate my choices between different areas and let that decide my next goal.
8. I'm working off a list (12ers, all peaks in a range, county highpoints, p2ks, etc,)
9. I look at trip reports from Idahosummits, splattski, IdahoAlpineZone, summitpost; and pick my trips from those.

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