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Now testing new forums on Network54

October 10 2016 at 10:35 PM
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Chris   (Login cpmoser)

Hi All,

We're now testing new forums on Network54. They should look exactly the same as the old forums that we've always had, but there are some immediate differences:

1) Better search options are now available. You can search by username and we there is an additional sort option which lets you sort by oldest posts first. We will be adding some additional search options which will include grouping the search results by thread, or searching a specific date range.

2) Joining groups via a private forum is now integrated into the forum. This is a minor change, but the experience is more consistent.

The less immediate differences are more important. We have moved all of our old forum formats into a templating system, which makes updating the forums, fixing bugs, and adding new features a lot easier.

While in test mode, the new forums will be available at a new URL:[forumid] (new URL while testing)

If you'd like to test your own existing forum with the new system, respond in this thread (with the URLs of the forums you like to test) or contact me via email at

While your forum is in test mode, it will still be running the old forum system at the /Forum/[forumid] URL. Any new forums that you create will automatically be test enabled.

I'll continue to post more details in this thread as we roll out and expand the new forums.
Chris Moser Network54



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